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Mistress Nora a master of staging that perfection in perversion.

Datum: 02-07-2024 16:11:11
Name: Mistress Nora
Region: Wien
Ort: Wien

I practice BDSM at the highest level for demanding connoisseurs and lovers of fetish and I offer my guests quality SM Sessions and fetishes of all kinds. Beginners are very welcome.

I am a master of staging that perfection in perversion, with a sadistic vein, but still equipped with the necessary empathy, the right feeling and instinct, to the needs and desires of my opponent. Tremendously helpful is my authenticity. Everything is a matter of dosage and intensity of a game and everyone is looking for his individual niche.

Extremely painful Horny masochist (waterboarding, (white) torture, (extreme) interrogation, branding, cigarettes Games, border crossings, hardcore whippings, extreme humiliation, tears - I break your will, solitary confinement, breath reduction, etc.) go in my absolutely experienced and professionally competent hands . In our detailed preliminary discussion, we will discuss your preferences and taboos.

I tell you what is possible and reject what I do not. Very happy and in a duo with my picture beautiful, busty girlfriend! Lust & Pain certainly play a fundamental role. However, this does not mean that every guest should be with me in pain. The preferences and fantasies of each individual are as diverse as my practices. In addition, pain does not have to be necessarily physically.

I particularly like likes bondage, foot fetish & foot jobs, feminization, TV education, DWT`S, Role Playing (mother-son, teacher-student, aunt-nephew, doctor-patient, etc.), toilet education (K & NS), Naked Butler, bizarre shopping, Facesitting (fe. Jean Facesitting, etc.), Assworhip & Humiliation, Smothering, Bondage, Spanking, needling and Clinic erotic, pure fetish educations, Tease & Denial, Orgasm control and forced milking, Cuckolderziehung with a dominant man etc.

Location: Vienna, Austria.
Working: Incall and Outcall
Telephone National: 06507439501
Telephone International: 00436507439501


Anzeigentitel: Mistress Nora a master of staging that perfection in perversion.
Name: Mistress Nora
Preisangabe: 0
Telefon: 06507439501
Region: Wien
Ort: Wien

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